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      ABOUT US

      ABOUT US

      Xiamen Haihe Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is an all-round machine tool service provider that specializes in the distribution of CNC machine tools, and provides automation and intelligent integrated technical service providers for industrial equipment. It is the agent of well-known domestic and foreign brands such as Hardinge Group, Beijing Fanuc, Yunnan Machine Tool, Xianfeng Machine Tool, Qizhong CNC, Tianshui Spark Machine Tool, Suzhou Sanguang, Neway CNC, Weihai Huadong CNC, Xiamen Daikin Machinery and other well-known brands in Fujian. Business and designated service company.

      In November 2015, it established the Hardinge Machine Tool (Fujian) Customer Service Center in Quanzhou with the Hardinge Group of the United States, and became the Hardinge Group's series of product display, sales, technical consultation, technical training, spare parts supply, after-sales service and operators in Fujian. Training equals an integrated base. The company has the ability to provide users with parts process analysis and pre-sales and after-sales trial cutting. It holds various technical exchange lectures and operation, programming, maintenance training from time to time, and has set up a warehouse for wearing parts and accessories.

      The company's main business: CNC machine tools, functional components and accessories, testing equipment, tooling and fixture molds, robots and industrial equipment automation and intelligent integration, machine tool remanufacturing, second-hand machine tool trading, technical consulting, technical services, goods import and export business.

      Based on providing customers with timely and high-quality services, the company has established after-sales service bases in Fuzhou, Quanzhou, and Xiamen, which can respond within 4 hours and arrive at the customer site within 24 hours.

      Looking forward to the future, Haihe Intelligent Equipment will continue to uphold the enterprise spirit of "benevolence, integrity, truth-seeking, and innovation", adhere to the service concept of creating value for customers, and provide high-quality services to boost the upgrade of China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry.